Why is it so important to involve our kid in the arrangement of his room?

Posted on 06/09/2020 7:54am

Coming in the kids’ room, we are traveling to a world of imagination. We open the hidden entrance and in place of the normal four walls we notice the walls of the castle, the deck of a pirate ship, a grassland on which magical unicorns calmly nibble the turf.

dinosaur mural
Author: Davis Staedtler
Source: http://www.flickr.com

Concepts for the design of a child's bedroom are as unlimited as the children's fantasy.

The richness of solutions is nearly stunning. Nowadays, in every DIY shop it is possible to encounter colorful decorations, stimulating sensitivity and imagination, details that we are able to successfully apply to the children's room equipment. Let's start with photo wallpaper. This is a quite popular method and at the same time pretty low-cost. We may cover the whole wall with a wallpaper on which characters from a favorite fairy tale become alive. By the way, we can encourage the interests of our child: if he has a special consideration for the sky and the astral bodies, why not immortalize on the wall the image of a great solar system? If he wants to consume all day on the sports field, let a famous soccer player emerge from the wall.

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Ornamental stickers are a perfect solution to refresh the bedroom without having to cover the entire surface. Herbal motives, stars, sunshine, cars, dinosaur murals - stickers come in various sets and very diverse sizes. We can easily match them to the size of our kid's area. And just applying stickers in different arrangements is going to be a great entertainment. It is absolutely worth involving the kid.

When preparing the child's room, let us come back to the time of our schooldays, let us think of what was attractive, magical and encouraging for us then.

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Let's look at our kids, let them be an incentive for particular interior design solutions.

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