Photo wallpaper – a recent idea for a bathroom arrangement

Posted on 02/06/2021 8:58am

Paintings, plants or wall murals in this space have not gotten their place for decades, and nowadays – although increasingly more often there are big bathrooms with windows - the installation of such elements takes place very slowly and it is lacking confidence.

photo wallpaper
Author: Kaplan International

Nonetheless, it is worth choosing multicolor decorations and employing surfaces of walls, shower cabins, doors or some equipment, to make a traditional and slightly ordinary interior evolve beyond recognition.

A bathroom is a beloved place for women to relax, although lately gentlemen tend to look to baths, but mainly the association with flowers, pleasant scents or relaxing water massage gives ladies more pleasure, which is why classic feminine shades dominate in a bathroom or bedroom decoration. This does not mean, however, that it is inconceivable to create a place with a neutral tone implementing, for example, marine landscapes, tropical foliage layouts or photographs of a futuristic city immersed in a flood of lights. The selection of the suitable solutions relies only on your proper subjective requests and images that touch the fantasy. While relaxing in a shower in the presence of slowly flowing water - the actual one and the one on the photo wallpaper – you could acquire a unusual point of view of reality, and the energy charge that arrives from the image, scents of aromatherapy and a sensitive touch of water could intensely revitalize.

Photo wallpaper for the bathroom is a new and modern way of arranging the interior, especially when it is a multicolor detail in a quiet, monotonous space, giving the room that unique and different style, thanks to pictorial associations that encourage the fantasy.

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